In bookstores November 2007

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The Greater Good

Be aware. Be inspired. Catch Hawaii’s greatest leaders as they converge in one arena to share with us the secrets to their successes.

The Greater Good: Life Lessons From Hawaii’s Leaders explores the deepest confines of the hearts and minds of many of our community’s successful individuals – imparting to us their answers to the meaning of existence and the purpose behind our day-to-day struggles.

If you let it, this book will change your life!

Each of us has asked the question, “How do I create a successful life?” After hundreds of hours of interviews and thousands of hours of research, Evan and Kari Leong discovered that the foundation of success is built upon seven core values, revealed here in The Greater Good: Life Lessons from Hawai‘i’s Leaders. These values were gleaned from in-depth conversations with corporate presidents and CEOs, four-star admirals, U.S. Senators, successful entrepreneurs and other community leaders, each of whom has revealed his or her secrets for a successful life.

None of these core values are new. Many of them you may already possess. This book is designed to help you make them work in your own life through the insights of others who use them consistently and effectively. Just imagine intimate conversations with some of the world’s most successful people, each helping you learn how to become more successful—in your family, in your business, in your life.

Are you worthy of living a greater good life?